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A New Heading

January 26, 2013 10:27am home future



It’s an exciting time at Burke Mountain. With new owners, QBurke Mountain Resorts, come new plans–big plans–for the mountain’s future. And as with any undertaking this big, people have questions. We hear them at the base lodge, on the lifts, at the country store, the gas station–pretty much everywhere. So we’re using this blog post to answer those questions, in order:

No. Yes. Yes. Just below the Mid Burke Express. Of course. Um, that’s not legal. No. We haven’t decided. Yes. Always. Yes. It will always have the same vibe. Wood and stone. Local whenever possible. And yes, you will.

Does that clear everything up?

All kidding aside, we do try to answer these questions as openly and honestly as possible. The people asking are our friends, neighbors and guests–everyone from lifelong Burke residents to first-time guests–and they deserve answers. But sometimes, to be honest, we don’t have those answers yet. There are tons of moving parts, ongoing discussions and a million decisions, both large and small, to be made.

So, to keep the lines of communication fluid and as current as possible, we’ve created a new page on skiburke.com we’re calling Our Direction. The page will be found in the main navigation of the site and will give you: 

  • A link to blogs about development
  • A look at the current vision of the master plan for the resort
  •  The latest information on the new Hotel and Conference Center
  • Information about QBurke Mountain Resorts–the new ownership group
As we progress, we'll also be sharing:
  • A peek at the inspiration that guides our choices
  •  Video and photos that record and report progress
  • A look at other development plans on and off mountain

It’s great to be part of a community of people who care so much, and we want you all to know how things are progressing. We know everyone won’t be happy with every decision. The hard truth is, it’s just not possible–but know that every decision is being measured against the history and legacy that make Burke Mountain and our surrounding community such an amazing place.

So check out the Our Direction page to stay up to date on our progress and secure in the knowledge that ,no matter what direction plans take, we’re always heading True North.