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Snowmaking Update

November 8, 2013 8:17am snowmaking winter opening home

It's about to go down. Snowmaking is slated to start November 15th.

Don't know about you, but we're really excited for the 13/14 season to get started at Q Burke and that excitement is going to reach a whole new level once we start to fire up the snow guns. If Mother Nature cooperates, we're targeting November 15th to get going. We've been showing the love to our snowmaking system recently - last year we added more guns. This year? More power. Thanks to the recent approval of the interruptible service tariff by the Vermont Public Service Board in conjunction with the Lyndonville Electric Department, we've doubled our available power for snowmaking. We''ll spare you all the nuts and bolts details, but the bottom line is that more power + more guns = more snow. And we don't think we need to tell you that more snow is awesome.

Keep one eye on the thermometer and the other on the hill (or the facebook page if you can't see the mountain from your current location), we'll fire up the guns as soon as we can and we'll be skiing and riding before you know it. Here's to a great 2013/14 season at Q Burke Mountain Resort!


Snowmaking Power Conduit being installed

The crew at Q Burke installing the power conduit that will allow us to double our available power for snowmaking