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The New Guy's Perspective: Fresh Corduroy, Beardcicles & Soul Turns

January 30, 2014 6:00pm tngp home winter andrew

If you haven't been on the mountain lately, let me just tell you that you are missing out on some of the best conditions we've seen all season. A little natural snow and a wave of cold temps perfect for snowmaking have really allowed the snowmakers and groomers a chance to show off. From incredible corduroy to fun natural terrain, it's all here right now. 

I was able to head out this morning and, for the first time in a while, just go ride. Not take photos, not do a one-and-done kinda day, but really take some time and go make turns. The morning started with a top-to-bottom screamer down the Dippers on absolutely pristine corduroy, followed by another top-to-bottom screamer with more equally pristine corduroy on Willoughby. We're talking about the kind of runs that are just good for your soul. Top-to-bottom, let it fly and just flow turn to turn all the way down to the lift kind of runs. The kind of runs where you find yourself laughing out loud at how ridiculously lucky you are to be on a run like that on such a picture perfect Northern Vermont morning.

In fact, the only thing that kept me from having full permasmile was the fact that I had a pretty solid set of beardcicles going. As familiar as y'all are with this phenomenon, let me tell you that it's a new experience for me. I'd finish a run, get on the chair and go to crack a smile only to realize that my beard was saying "sorry buddy, not right now!" I suppose I could get around this issue by simply shaving, but let's face it; that ain't happenin'! For conditions like this, it's a more than fair price to pay, so I say bring on the beardcicles! 

But seriously, I can't overstate how good the skiing & riding is right now, and we all owe our snowmaking team and our mountain ops team a huge thank you. From our snowmaking manager Denny to our mountain ops director Jason to their entire crews, if you see those guys on the hill, make sure to thank them. High five 'em, buy them a beer if you see them in the Bear Den, or just say thanks. They've put in a ton of work, and we're the fortunate ones able to reap the reward.  

See ya on the hill,