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The New Guy's Perspective - Opening Day

December 14, 2013 9:25am tngp winter home

We. Are. Open. 

To my ears, at this moment, those are the best three words in the English language. Chairlifts have been loaded, turns have been made, and despite the cold, big ol' grins and smiles have been seen in abundance today. We're stoked. And we're even more stoked when we check out the forecast for the next 24 hours. Upwards of 10" possible by Sunday night? You know we'll take that. As long as things stay on track, keep an eye peeled for pics and video tomorrow and Monday. Or better yet, get up here and take your own (and share 'em, of course)! This is a short and sweet one today, as I'm only in the office for a second before heading back out on the hill to check out the Welcome Back Rail Jam, take another run or two and eventually go see what the Bear Den's all about. I'm not sure I'm gonna make this whole quoting my favorite musicians thing part of my regular schtick, but this one fits all too well. In the words of the man, today was a good day

If early nineties gangsta rap isn't your particular cup of tea, perhaps this shot we took of clouds rolling through Willoughby Gap just after we got off our first ride up the Mid-Burke Express this morning might be a better way to leave things.

Until next time.....

See ya on the hill,