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While You Were Sleeping

February 6, 2013 12:44pm hannah


Most mornings I get here first. Well, first if you don't count the snowmakers and groomers I usually pass on my way to work, they are just leaving. Getting here first, while all is quiet and calm, is pretty awesome. In this Burke Blog we open the curtains for a glimpse inside the early-morning inner workings of our resort and what our dedicated staff does to get the mountain ready before the lifts roll each day at 9 AM.


Most mornings I meet Mike punching in at the time clock around 6 AM. He is here to sand and shovel the walkways so that you'll have a safe walk up the stairs to the lodge. John and Jack are either still here since arriving at 4 AM (or earlier depending on the weather) or are just leaving after plowing and sanding the mountain roads and parking lots so that we'll have a safe drive in the morning. Next, a phone call from the summit. It's either Chris or Trevor reporting any new snow, summit temp and wind conditions. They are checking the lift lines and getting ready to warm up each lift, sweep off chairs, and perform inspections so that the lifts are comfortable and safe when skiers and riders arrive. Our ski patrollers filter in next, dressed and ready to load the lift for AM trail inspections at 7:30 AM. The Snow Sports Learning Center team has also arrived to organize lessons and set up fencing for the day. Inside, our kitchen staff is warming the grills and getting those breakfast sandwiches ready. On my snow report rounds, I am fortunate to be greeted by each and every one of these people, no matter what the weather conditions, by warm friendly and enthusiastic "Good Morning Hannah!" Conversations about the drive in, weather conditions or a funny story about the previous day are heard throughout the lodge.

By the time you (pass holders, visitors and guests) arrive, we are all warmed up. Stay tuned for our next few Burke webisodes-we'll be bringing you along during these early hours of the morning.