Freestyle Program Ages 6-16

Dates - 12/28/14 - 3/22/15


The freestyle program is dedicated towards developing the skills of skiers and riders and to introduce them into a competitive aspect while keeping things fun and exciting. Our professional coaches will help develop a core foundation of skiing and riding skills that will progress into solid freestyle terrain riding. The goal is to share our passion of skiing and riding in a safe and fun environment.

Goal Set

Each athlete will work with their coaches to develop a set of goals for the season. All of our programs are designed with the assertion that skiers and riders are individuals, so the way they use the program is cusomizable and tailored to their needs through the implementation of personalized goal set. The goal set includes skier and rider skill development, character building, and industry involvment. After the creation of goal set with the help of Q Burke coach, each member then picks from our variety of services to achieve the goals they've laid out for themselves. Athletes receive travel opportunities for competition, training, and life enrichment.

Development Team
Price $689
Ages 6-10
Saturday & Sunday 9:30-12:00pm

This group will work on developing core skills and introduction to freestyle terrain. Key aspects of this group are intoduction, fun and safety. Athletes will start small and work their way up to competition team. *Helmet Required

Competition Team
Price $899
Ages 9-16
Saturday & Sunday 9:30-3:30pm

This group will focus on more of a competition level while competing in the USASA NVT series. The goal of this group is to develop skiers and riders into the highest caliber athlete. Travel will be required for this program as well as a USASA membership. Athletes will aslo participate in off snow freestyle training. *Helmet Required

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