U8 Race Program Ages 6-7

Price $799

Dates: 1/3/15 - 3/31/15

Saturday & Sunday 9:30-1:30PM



The focus on the U8 program is on fundamentals and making children strong skiers, which in turn will make them strong ski racers The U8 Program group is our entry level program to skill building, goal setting, and competition. With the main focus being on fun, racers are exposed to a variety of learning situations designed to give them sucess while building a core foundation for a lifetime of skiing. Free-skiing, gate drills and gate setting are just a few of the skills the athletes will take away from this program.

Technical Goals

*Athletes will develop a good balanced parallel stance, proper pole plants, and the beginning elements of a carved ski.

*Athletes who are beginning to carve will develop those skills ot the point of proficiency.

*Athletes will apply their carving skills to a course where they can fine tune them.

Competition Goals

The U8 is being introduced to racing and competiton. Learning to memorize the course and preparing for more difficult gates, striving to improve times on each run, supporting teammates who get faster or slower times, and receiving feedback from the coaches on the race run are some of the more common features of competition within this age group. As the children are ready for it, training will also include gate training. The racers will train on brushy Slalom, which uses only short, brush gates and requires no special armor.

*Helmet Required

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