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Black Forest.

Bridging and berms highlight this intermediate singletrack with fast, tight benching.


Same flow and feel as Dead Moose Alley with switchbacks.

Burnham Down

A favorite two-way connector back to East Burke Village with plenty of singletrack bridges to enjoy.


Dirt berms fill your ride right into the campground. Two-way traffic.

CCC Road.

Use this trail to access J-Bar and ride the mountain contour back to the campground.

Dead Moose Alley.

A cross country trail with plenty of switchbacks. Watch for up/down traffic.

DH Trail.

A step up in difficulty from Upper J, you’ll find detailed rock work along this steep, challenging trail.


Mellow contouring trail with bridges making the popular J-Bar Trail lift-accessible.

Enchanted Forest.

Visible from the Sherburne Lift, this intermediate singletrack features several berms as it winds down to the base.

Free Ride.

Our most difficult trail, this triple black diamond has natural drops and long-armored steeps. Expert bikers only.


A lower grade, climbing trail to get you back to the Campground and the Upper Mountain Trails.

J-Bar Trail.

A fast and flowy singletrack that is a perfect accompaniment to its angrier sibling Upper J-Bar.


An intermediate trail with fun features and multiple lines suitable for beginners but still fun for seasoned riders.


Machine-excavated trail with great features. Drops, banks, berms, rollers, hips, step-ups, bridging and ride-around options if you don’t know what some of those are.

Kirby Connector.

Link from the Bike Park to Kirby Road to East Burke and the rest of Kingdom Trails.

Parr’s Yard.

A classic, contouring XC trail with roots, small bridges and benching.

Red Trail.

A gentle ride from the Sherburne parking lot into town and the rest of Kingdom Trails.

Roly Grail.

For those new to the mountain, this wide, smooth trail is perfect for beginners and up. Use caution at road crossings.

Upper J-bar.

Armored banks and drops wind through winter glades on the least intimidating expert trail from the summit.