Summer days stretch out longer in the north,
but no worries–we have plenty of activities to fill up even the longest. 
Take the toll road up to the summit and experience scenic hiking trails and breathtaking views of the Willoughby Gap and the surrounding area. Head out to Lake Willoughby for some of the most beautiful hiking in all of Vermont. Or you can head from the mountain into Victory or Darling State Forests. Miles of unmarked trails are there to be explored, and primitive camping is welcome. Too natural? The Burke Mountain Campground has lean-tos, tent sites and RV space available.
Looking for a completely different view? Hang glider and Paraglider pilots launch off the mountain from Upper Warren’s Way. Take a seat on the Sherburne Express for a scenic chairlift ride up to Mid Burke. Or learn to climb rocks or ice or mountains. If that’s too high, take a scenic ride through the forests of the Northeast Kingdom on horseback–called the “quintessential Vermont experience” by Trail Rider Magazine. But what else would you expect from the NEK?
If you’re a golfer, check out the Jay Peak Championship Golf Course, hailed as the best public course in the state of Vermont, less than an hour away from Burke.  You may not have time to play all the area championship courses, partially because we have plenty and partially because this is mountain golf. You go into the woods here, you're in the woods-if you hear something big rumbling around, just take the drop.  
For more on land adventures, visit the Vermont Outdoor Guide Association (VOGA).

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